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Our Business


Underground Coal Gasification

Linc Energy operates the world's longest running commercial Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) facility in Uzbekistan and has a license fee arrangement with Exxaro Resources to develop UCG in Sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, strategic relationships have been developing in emerging jurisdictions such as Indonesia and China to create revenue generating UCG operations.

As UCG syngas can be used as a feedstock for power and liquid transport fuel production, the Company’s proprietary UCG technology remains attractive to countries that would benefit from having independent energy and fuel sources, particularly those that also have abundant sources of stranded coal resources which would be uneconomical to extract via traditional mining methods, but are suitable for UCG.

Linc Energy has completed detailed strategic plans for all potential projects in the countries of interest and the Company is focusing on developing UCG operations in conjunction with partners who bring well-defined, known resources to the table. These resources can be quickly assessed by Linc Energy’s technical teams, removing exploration risk and reducing the time required for future commercial project development.

View Linc Energy's UCG animation here

Heavy Oil Recovery

Linc Energy has commenced the process to patent an application of its Underground Coal Gasification technology for the extraction of heavy crude oil which suggests improved cost and efficiency performance when compared to traditional extraction methods. The Company's innovation uses a concept called Moving Injection Gravity Drainage (MIGD), which takes place in-situ (underground) and involves the heavy oil being gravity drained post combustion and air injection.