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Community & Environment


Linc Energy (Administrators Appointed) prides itself on its environmental management, with the Company’s operations underpinned by a stringent Environment Policy.

From planning to decommissioning of a project, the Company’s environment team develop high levels of understanding about the environments where Linc Energy’s operations are taking place, develop associated controls and regularly review, monitor and take action to mitigate environmental risk.

An overarching Environmental Management System is in place to ensure all activities with the potential for impact on the environment are carried out in a manner that adequately addresses environmental risks and statutory requirements.

Chinchilla Groundwater Data - 17 April 2014

Linc Energy has released the last five years of groundwater data that it has collected as part of its mandatory monitoring obligations required by its UCG environmental licence. The results, covering all monitoring events, are included in the document below. The results presented are for those compounds that could be indicative of the UCG process. Some of these compounds are not required to be analysed, but have been included for completeness. The results clearly show that there have been no detection of benzene or other BTEX compounds.

Linc Energy would like to be clear that no event has occurred nine months ago or in the recent past, as indicated by recent media. The allegations made by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection mostly refer to a difference of opinion.

Releasing the water data, is to show our neighbours and our Chinchilla community that there is absolutely no concern and that Linc Energy fully complies with it is environmental groundwater requirements.

View Linc Energy's Groundwater Data here.