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September 2011 /19

The Walkley Awards

The annual Walkley Awards recognise excellence in Australian journalism across print, television, radio, photographic and online media. The prestigious Gold Walkley is considered the pinnacle of Australian journalistic achievement, the awards akin only to the esteemed Pulitzer Prizes.

Established in 1956 by Ampol Petroleum founder Sir William Gaston Walkley the awards represented William Walkley’s appreciation of the media's support for his early oil exploration efforts.

Following his death in 1976, The Walkley Foundation for Journalism was established to organise and promote the Walkley Awards and continue to advance the interests of professional and ethical journalism in Australia.

Linc Energy Chief Executive Officer Peter Bond also has a passion for ethical journalism and is also in the business of oil exploration. And it was this passion that led Linc Energy to sponsor the new Walkley Documentary Film category.

This latest award adds a 34th category to the Walkley Awards to recognise excellence in documentary production grounded in the principles of journalism – accuracy, impact, public benefit, ethics, creativity, research and reporting – together with rigorous filmmaking.

The winner for the inaugural Walkley for Excellence in Documentary along with all other Walkley winners will be announced as part of the annual Walkley Awards Gala Dinner celebrations in Brisbane in November.

Above: Chief Executive Officer Peter Bond is delighted that Linc Energy will support the new documentary category for the Walkley Awards.