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Investor Linc Newsletter

September 2011 /19


UCG Progress For North America

Gasifier 6 is a key project for Linc Energy that is currently moving through the site characterisation and permitting process stages. Even with one of the wettest Wyoming springs on record, the team has drilled over 50 wells in the Powder River Basin, six of which are core wells used to characterise Linc Energy’s future gasifier location.

The UCG team has gathered a great deal of data to adequately assess and design Linc Energy’s first UCG gasifier for Wyoming, which will be the sixth gasifier for Linc Energy. The experience and significant technology developments at Linc Energy’s Chinchilla UCG demonstrations, especially over the past five years, has guided this work in Wyoming. Importantly, the site feasibility report will soon be submitted to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality for a research and development mine application permit.

Linc Energy continues to maintain a good working relationship with its key stakeholders including the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, the Honourable Governor Mead, the Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investment, the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the State  Engineers Office and many of its landowners who are all key to Linc Energy’s continued success in north east Wyoming.

Above: Linc Energy has drilled a number of core wells to charaterise its future gasifier location.