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Investor Linc Newsletter

September 2011 /19


For Better And The Best

Linc Energy is committed to ensuring it provides the best health and safety tools, systems and structures possible to its entire workforce across all of its platforms.

Linc Energy has entered a new phase of growth with the development of a set of Health and Safety Management System Standards. The standards are designed to align with best practice requirements as detailed in International Standard OHSAS 18001.

“The standards focus on accountability, visible leadership and the integration of safety into all of our business practices, as well as specific action items to drive change and sustain gains. The standards support Linc Energy’s business growth both domestically and internationally,” says General Manager Safety, Health and Environment Matthew Buchanan.

Guidance will be available to provide practical means of implementing the commitments made in Linc Energy’s Health and Safety Policy to ensure that everyone is accountable for their Health and Safety performance and contribution to the development of a performance oriented culture within the company.

“The standards are not intended to replace the good practices that have already been used over the years, only to build on their strengths,” he says.

Linc Energy is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all its employees, consultants, contractors, service providers and visitors across all facets of its operations. Linc Energy’s goals are only worthwhile if achieved while meeting the safety target of zero incidents and zero injuries. By working together employees can be assured that safety is an intricate part of Linc Energy’s future.