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Investor Linc Newsletter

September 2011 /19


Consultation A Worthy Cause

Linc Energy is committed to the local communities where it operates to ensure they are informed, heard and supported. Part of Linc Energy’s program for community relations involves a proactive approach by both site management and the stakeholder relations team to maintain regular contact with local communities.

Community Liaison Officer Jamie Seaton is dedicated to responding to queries about the company’s activities. Liaising between Linc Energy’s business departments and its landowners, residents around its operational areas, and community members, Jamie’s role is pivotal to building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

“The community wants to know who we are long before they want to know what we’re doing,” says Community Liaison Officer Jamie Seaton.

“A lot of what I do day to day involves phone calls and email, but nothing can compete with a face to face meeting with a landowner and building a meaningful relationship. When I meet a landowner for the first time, having all of the information about Linc Energy goes a long way to answering their queries about who we are and what we do.”

Linc Energy is keen to make a difference wherever it operates and is proud of its proactive and positive approach to the community. “We are always looking for ways to improve relationships and streamline processes,” he says.

Linc Energy’s technical teams are always looking for ways to improve their operations as well, and recently the stakeholder relations team, through the community consultation process, assisted the environment team with a number of significant improvements.

“Community consultation provides a platform to facilitate improvements. We value our relationships with the community and surrounding neighbours and are always looking to do more than what is expected.”

Above: Community Liaison officer Jamie Seaton firmly supports engagement with Linc Energy's stakeholders to ensure mutual and lasting relationships develop.