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September 2011 /19


Programs For More Resources

In South Australia’s Arckaringa Basin Linc Energy’s 2D seismic survey totalling 1,127 kilometres is complete. With Linc Energy’s increased focus on oil and gas exploration in the state, this crucial seismic work provides the science behind an exploration program to potentially identify new oil and gas targets for the company to drill in the future.

Phase 1 of the 10 well oil and gas exploration program in the Arckaringa Basin is well underway, with the drilling of Haystack 1 and William Creek 1 to depth now complete. The rig is scheduled to drill next at Cootanoorina 2. Coal exploration in the basin also continues with a four well program, including appraisal for shale oil on two of Linc Energy’s existing Petroleum Exploration Licences.

In Queensland, work with the UCG team continues at the Chinchilla Demonstration Facility to prepare for the construction of Gasifier 5. Over the coming months the team will help manage a number of rigs on the site. A great deal of work has gone into testing the local coal and rock formations to understand the groundwater structures in order to find the most appropriate location for Gasifier 5.