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Investor Linc Newsletter

September 2011 /19


Power Options For UCG Syngas

Linc Energy continues to consider technology options for converting UCG syngas to electrical energy across the full range of power outputs. Having completed a detailed feasibility review for utility scale power opportunities (from 50MW to 400MW) based on gas turbine technology, further effort has been applied to reviewing technology options for smaller scale power generation. Earlier this year, SKM was commissioned to perform a front end study into small power options in the range of 1MW to 30MW.

Knowing that existing gas turbine technology is not an ideal fit with UCG syngas at this smaller scale, the study focused on gas engine and boiler technologies. Gas engines work on diesel engine technology designed for gaseous, rather than liquid fuels, while conventional combustion boilers can be designed to burn syngas, raise steam and run a conventional steam turbine. A review of available technologies has demonstrated that either can play their part, however, for smaller power opportunities of less than 10MW, gas engines are compact, transportable and offer very simple and economic installation options.

Linc Energy is currently considering a number of commercial power opportunities around the globe, particularly in Europe and the United States. Having identified the best fit technologies for these potential projects, Linc Energy is engaging with equipment suppliers to establish the most technically appropriate and cost effective plant options.