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September 2011 /19


New Gasifier For Chinchilla

Linc Energy is leading the world in the application of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) to produce tomorrow’s energy solutions. Now in its twelfth year, the Chinchilla Demonstration Facility is preparing for its fifth UCG gasifier to produce optimised syngas for cleaner Gas to Liquids (GTL) fuel production.

The continuous operation of Gasifier 4 since February 2010 has provided the UCG technical team with detailed information to design and operate the next generation of gasifier, Gasifier 5, as a world-class development. Gasifier 5, now under construction, will be a state-of- the art development, with advanced design methodologies and technologies specifically tailored to support UCG for the roll out of Linc Energy’s commercial Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and GTL energy applications.

Due to start up later this year, Gasifier 5 incorporates Linc Energy’s latest technological enhancements representing the company’s development and implementation of over 25 world-first UCG advancements. These latest achievements, combined with a long heritage of UCG operating experience, means Linc Energy’s UCG capabilities are now ready to be deployed in commercial operations across the company’s vast span of global operations.

“The design and operation of Gasifier 4 has enabled our teams to validate our models for oxygen injection for the best GTL product outcomes. Gasifier 5 steps it up another notch and will be implemented in Chinchilla as Linc Energy’s commercial gasifier design in readiness for operations to take place in the United States,” said Chief Executive Officer Peter Bond.

With UCG site selection drilling now complete for the new gasifier, the UCG technical and operations teams are constructing the gasifier to be ready for commissioning, start up and syngas production in the next quarter.

To read about the Gasifier 6 project for Wyoming in the United States, see ‘Going Global’.