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December 2011 /20

Further Expansion into the UK

The recent agreement with the biggest coal producer in the United Kingdom, UK Coal, positions Linc Energy at the forefront of exciting new UCG opportunities for a wide selection of downstream applications, including power generation, Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) (read more on page 8) or liquid fuels production.

Linc Energy will undertake an assessment of utilising UCG technology on three of UK Coal’s sites with a view to determining the suitability of the process to the United Kingdom’s vast untapped and stranded coal resources.

These sites relate to certain areas of coal within the Warwickshire, Yorkshire and Leicestershire Coalfields surface and underground mine infrastructure and sub-station assets owned by UK Coal.

Given the decreasing gas reserves available from the North Sea and the United Kingdom’s increasing reliance on foreign suppliers of energy, Linc Energy believes this agreement with UK Coal has the potential to play an important part in the future energy mix of the United Kingdom.

“If Linc Energy establishes a commercial size UCG operation, we can contribute significantly to the energy security and independence of the UK, producing the cleanest diesel fuel available that is even cleaner than Euro 5 standards,” CEO Peter Bond said.

Linc Energy has undertaken an extensive, independent review of the UK's coal reserves and identified these specific sites as having significant potential. The company is also considering, as part of its exploratory study, the option of a suitable off take for the clean gas including power supply.

This opportunity with UK Coal follows the opening of Linc Energy's London office last June.