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December 2011 /20


Gasifier 5 World’s Fastest UCG Commissioning

Linc Energy recently announced the completion and start-up of its fifth Gasifier at its UCG to GTL demonstration facility in Chinchilla, Australia. Gasifier 5 was commissioned and producing UCG syngas within 60 minutes of ignition, the fastest commissioning of any UCG operation in the world. 

Gasifier 5 represents the final phase in the technological development of Linc Energy’s UCG technology which will support the commercial roll out of Linc Energy’s enhanced oil recovery (EOR), gas to liquids (GTL) and clean gas energy applications.

Gasifier 5 will run simultaneously with Gasifier 4 which has been in continuous operation since February 2010.  It is 132 metres deep and 820 metres long, making it the longest gasifier in the world and the longest designed by Linc Energy to date. Linc Energy’s aim is to average in excess of 1,000 metres in length for each gasifier in its commercial operations.

“These latest achievements, combined with a long heritage of UCG operating experience, means Linc Energy is uniquely positioned with UCG capabilities that are ready to be deployed in commercial operations for clean energy and fuels applications around the world.  When you overlay that capability with the company’s established global coal footprint, that’s when things really get exciting!” CEO Peter Bond said.

Core to Linc Energy’s approach to UCG has been to develop a fundamental understanding of the gasification process.  The company has invested in the development of a series of proprietary software models to predict and control the process and to maximise gasifier performance.  This has included models for site selection, groundwater flow and monitoring, sub-surface subsidence, cavity growth and syngas quality. 

Linc Energy is now the world leader in UCG modelling and is continuing to develop tools which will provide the ability to monitor sub-surface UCG operations in real time, ensuring immediate feedback for its modellers.