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Investor Linc Newsletter

December 2011 /20

Checks & Balances

US Health and Safety Program

Implementation of a Health and Safety Management System cannot be successful without the utmost support from the top of the organisation. Fortunately, Linc Energy’s leadership recognises that employee safety is a critical aspect of its business model. 

Experienced health and safety professionals have been hired in Alaska and Wyoming; additional positions are being reviewed for the Gulf Coast.  These positions will enable Linc Energy to have expertise at the field level where the work needs constant oversight and contractor management.  Linc Energy will not tolerate unsafe shortcuts or poor attention by contractors for the health and safety of their employees.  The contractor review process is embedded into the Master Service Agreement (MSA) process, systematically eliminating those contractors which are not dedicated to health and safety success.

Health and safety standards are in constant development to mirror the expectations of state and federal regulations as well as guidance from the company’s Australian counterparts.  The US health and safety team is dedicated to not only meeting regulatory training requirements but also providing the necessary tools to consistently “do it right the first time,” and utilising experienced personnel to mentor for the future.   

Additionally, the health and safety team will continually focus on key areas such as:

- Acquisition due diligence

- Industrial hygiene initiatives (noise, respiratory, ergonomics, chemical exposures)

- Safe driving and journey management

- Process safety management (gas to liquids)

- Regulatory interface (MSHA, OSHA, DOT, ANSI, NIOSH)

- Industry initiatives and membership

- Emergency response

- Audits and inspections

- Security

- Office health and safety

The US commitment to health and safety goes beyond its employees.  Plans are in place to provide programs such as First Aid/CPR, safe driving, emergency response and more.  Linc Energy’s goal is to demonstrate that it is committed to health and safety, not only for its own employees, but to the community at large.