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December 2011 /20


An Update from the Teresa Coal Project

Linc Energy is currently undertaking an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Teresa Coal Project, a proposed underground coal mine North of Emerald.

The EIS enables the Queensland Government to assess and approve the project and ensure that potential environmental and social impacts are mitigated. Linc Energy is aiming to submit the EIS in late 2012.

Linc Energy has submitted the draft Terms of Reference (ToR) to Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM), which went on public display in November. The ToR will provide Linc Energy with confirmation of the methodologies to be used in completing the field studies and impact assessment for the EIS. 

Once the studies are complete the teams will incorporate the detail into the EIS, describing the existing environment, identifying potential impacts and detailing mitigation measures that will be included in the mine planning.

As part of the EIS a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is being conducted to identify and respond to social, cultural and economic impacts derived from the project.

A number of SIA activities have already been completed including a review of available SIA information, the collection of key demographic information, and meetings with major project stakeholders (i.e. local government, industry groups and service providers) to identify prominent concerns in the area.

Community information sessions will soon be held to gather essential community feedback regarding the social, economic or environmental impacts and to identify appropriate ways of dealing with them.

Above: Linc Energy staff met with traditional owners in the Teresa tenement to conduct cultural heritage studies.