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About Us

Linc Energy (Administrators Appointed) is a global oil and gas company with a broad portfolio of oil, gas and coal assets. The Company applies conventional production techniques and its proprietary advanced technologies to extract value from the development of these resources.

Linc Energy (Administrators Appointed) is a global business with Oil and Gas operations primarily onshore in the USA (Alaska, Texas, Louisiana & Wyoming); Exploration for Shale Oil & Gas in the Arckaringa Basin in South Australia; developing a proprietary technology for the extraction of Heavy Oil (Moving Injection Gravity Drainage – MIGD) in an efficient and cost effective manner; and a significant number of opportunities to apply its proprietary Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) technology in key target markets including Asia and Africa.

The Company’s proprietary UCG technology is a method of converting stranded coal resources into a valuable synthesis gas (Syngas) in situ. Linc Energy owns and operates the world’s longest running commercial UCG operation in Uzbekistan (over 50 years in operation), which supplies Syngas to a nearby power station.

Linc Energy (Administrators Appointed) is listed on the SGX (Singapore) and the OTCQX (USA).