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People and Employment

Recruitment Process USA

At Linc Energy, we have endeavoured to make the recruitment process simple and transparent. The recruitment process may vary depending on the role but the general Linc Energy standard is outlined below.

At all times we respect confidentiality of information and your privacy.

1. Applications

Applications which are not in relation to a specific advertised vacancy are accepted at any time and will be held on file for a period of three months. Please ensure you visit our website frequently for opportunities which may interest you.

2. Acknowledgement of application

When you apply for an advertised position with Linc Energy, you will receive an email confirmation that your application has been received.

3. Review of applications

Applications for vacant positions will be reviewed individually and selected according to the criteria specified in the advertisement and the requirements detailed in the postion description.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified via email within two weeks of the closing date.

4. Interview

Applicants that have been shorlisted will be invited to attend a structured interview to further assess their suitability for the position.

Interviews may be conducted via

  • Telephone;
  • Skype; or
  • Face to face.

Depending on the position, there may be a requirement for a second interview.

5. Online psychometric testing

All shortlisted applicants are required to complete an online psychometric survey to gain an objective insight with regards to your preferences in a work setting, how you like to work and how you ideally like to be managed.

Any surveys we ask you to do are sent to your personal email address for you to complet at home.

6. Reference checks

The candidate's permission must be obtained before formal reference checks are carried out.

The purpose is to confirm information about the candidate's previous work history and achievements to assist in determining suitability within the organisation.

6. Offer of employment

If successful you will be verbally offered the position and learn more about the salary package and benefits. If you accept the offer, we will send you a formal letter of offer for you to sign and return.

6. Pre-employment medical

We are strongly committed to maintaining a healthy workplace. Prior to starting with Linc Energy you may be required to attend a pre-emplyment medical. This will be arranged and paid for by Linc Energy.