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Community & Environment

Health & Safety

Linc Energy (Administrators Appointed) has in place a Health and Safety (H&S) programme that enables the Company to provide its employees, contractors and visitors with a safe work environment and safe systems of work.

This includes:

  1. Encouragement of employees, contractors and suppliers of products and services under the supervision of Linc Energy to meet the intent of the Health and Safety Policy.
  2. A systematic approach for the management of significant risk and compliance to applicable laws to assist in ensuring commitment to continuous performance improvement.
  3. Measuring and reporting of Health and Safety performance.
  4. Commitment to significant incident and near miss reporting to enable the appropriate investigation and resolution of these.

The Linc Energy Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) consists of Health and Safety principles, procedures, plans, guidelines, forms, checklists and registers in order for Linc Energy to achieve Zero Incidents and enable effective and efficient management of Health and Safety within all of our offices and operational sites.