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Linc Energy 2015 Corporate Video

A short video about the Company’s operations

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UCG Animation (Polish)

Podziemna gazyfikacja wegla kamiennego

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Peter Bond's High Flyers Interview

An interview with Linc Energy's Managing Director Peter Bond on Bloomberg's High Flyers program

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Linc Energy Gulf Coast

A snapshot of Linc Energy Gulf Coast

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Linc Energy Umiat Tour

Analysts and Investors tour Linc Energy's Umiat site

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UCG Animation (Mandarin)

Linc Energy's UCG animation. Mandarin version.

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UCG Animation

Linc Energy's UCG animation

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Corporate Video

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Jet A1 Dash Day 3 highlights

Follow the trip from Canberra to Chinchilla

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Jet A1 Dash Day 2 highlights

Follow the trip from Adelaide to Canberra

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Jet A1 Dash Day 1 highlights

Follow the trip from Perth to Adelaide - Day 1

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Jet A1 Dash Preview

Linc Energy's Jet A1 Dash

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Matthew Hayden welcomes Principal Sponsor Linc Energy

Brisbane Heat's Matthew Hayden welcomes Principal Sponsor Linc Energy

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Diesel Dash trailer

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The Diesel Dash

All the highlights from Linc Energy CEO Peter Bond's trip around Australia on his own diesel.

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Fueling Our Future

The Linc Energy Story

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Chinchilla Demonstration Facility

A visual presentation of Linc Energy's UCG / GTL operation in Queensland, Australia

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About Linc Energy - Wide

Inside Business Report by Fred Thompson

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Linc Energy New York ASX Conference

Peter Bond presentation in New York

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Interview with CEO Peter Bond, The New Economy

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Interview with Linc Energy CEO Peter Bond on ABN Newswire

ABN Newswire

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Interview with Linc Energy CEO Peter Bond on Sky Business News

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Interview with CEO Peter Bond on Sky Business News

Linc Energy acquires controlling interest in ‘Umiat’ oil field in Alaska, USA

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Interview with CEO Peter Bond on Sky Business News

Linc Energy acquires significant oil producing assets in Texas and Louisiana, USA

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Linc Energy Limited HK Small to Mid Caps Conference

Presented by Justin Peters, Executive General manager, Investor Relations

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Interview with CEO Peter Bond on Sky Business News

CEO Peter Bond comments on the proposed carbon tax.

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The Final Dash to Perth

The Diesel Dash Vodcast 10

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Crossing the Nullarbor

The Diesel Dash Vodcast 9

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Adelaide to Ceduna

The Diesel Dash Vodcast 8

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Heading for Adelaide

The Diesel Dash Vodcast 7

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Canberra and the Minister

The Diesel Dash Vodcast 6

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World First Diesel Dash - Highlights

6,000km across Australia using synthetic diesel

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Sydney to Canberra

The Diesel Dash Vodcast 5

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The Journey into Sydney pt2

The Diesel Dash Vodcast 4

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Brisbane to Sydney pt1

The Diesel Dash Vodcast 3

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The first Brisbane shareholder event

The Diesel Dash vodcast 2

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The Journey Begins - Chinchilla to Brisbane

The Diesel Dash vodcast 1

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Small to Mid Caps Presentation HK

Presented by Anton Rohner - CFO

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Linc Energy Umiat Tour in Chinese